Designed to enhance, protect and promote your product simply and cheaply

Simple packaging solutions

R CAM Packaging Ltd, is a family business dedicated to supplying the best form of packaging to promote your product. Offering simple solutions which are both efficient in their usage as well as cost. 

R CAM Packaging Ltd are leaders in supplying packaging that is both user friendly as well as environmentally friendly. Our products are all either 100% recyclable or 100% compostable. We only manufacture in the UK and work to the highest production standards. 

All kits include: bag, u-card and clear label to seal

Our kits comprise of 500 bags, 500 u-cards and 500 labels per outer case.

What sets us apart

Quality bags, with grease resistant u-cards all designed to fit your products well and keep fresh for days

All you need

Each kit has been designed to perfectly fit the intended product. Years of research and testing has resulted in the simplest of components to pack, protect and display.

To pack your product

Simply place your product onto the 100% compostable, grease resistant u-card which will aid the packing but also protect and help display your product.

To protect and display

Place the product and u-card into the 100% recyclable bag and seal either with the clear label supplied or a heat sealer. The glass clear bag offers protection, long shelf life and enhances your product.


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